January 24, 2023
Onboarding is a key process within bit.leave in which an organisation sets up:
  • Payroll, HR emails
  • Thresholds
  • Approval - Manual or Automatic
  • Integration into the chosen payroll
Onboarding is automatically triggered on the first login for the user who signed-up for the bit.leave organisation account.

Below flows illustrate the onboarding journey:

Step 1 : Sign Into bit.leave
Step 2: Begin your onboarding journey
Step 3: Complete the approver and contact details

HR/Approver Email: This is the person that will approve excess leave cashouts and other requests inside bit.leave. For small business it may be the business owner and for larger organisations it will be HR or the Finance team.

Payroll Email: This is the payroll email that signed and completed leave cashouts will be sent to. Once received they will action the request.

HRIS Login Link: bit.leave is HRIS agnostic, meaning that we can work along side any HRIS system. If you use XeroMe for leave requests, insert

Step 4: Select your Approval Method

Manual Approval: This allows you to approve or reject any leave cash-out request. It gives you complete control over the approval process. We HIGHLY recommend this setting for organisations using bit.leave.

Automatic Approval: This allows organisations to automatically approve leave cash out requests. Upon completion, the signed contract is sent to payroll for action in the next pay run.

Step 5: Connect with Payroll - Refer to the payroll integration guide.
The current supported payroll is XERO.

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