Getting Started
January 5, 2023

The first step to leverage bit.leave for your organisation is to sign-up. Following that, you can complete the automated onboarding process.

Signing up your Organisation
  • Navigate to bit.leave
  • Click on create an account
  • Fill out your name, email, company name and a suitable password
  • You shall receive an email with a OTP code, copy and enter that code, and complete the registration process

The first steps are illustrated as an example below :

Step 1: Select “Create an Account”
Step 2: Complete your registration details
Step 3: Verify your account using the authentication email sent to the email provided

The code should look something like this. Check your spam folder if it doesn’t show up:

All done! You have signed up to bit.leave. Go back to login and sign in!

Having Trouble?

Submit a support request here: