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How it works:

For Small Biz & Startups

Get big company benefits, without the bill.
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    Use bit.leave to reward employees without effecting cashflow
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    Track excess annual leave, RDO's and TOIL across your team
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    Reduce cost of living pressures and improve staff retention
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    Award, enterprise agreement and award-free compliant
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For Enterprise

Reduce excess leave liabilities and simplify your benefits program
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    Simplify your benefits program and increase adoption to 100%
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    Reduce balance sheet liabilities associated with excess annual leave
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    Identify talent that is at risk of burnout and churn with leave intelligence
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    Save money by automating back office HR and payroll processes
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Employee Benefits Program

For Employees

Payday loans suck. Reduce cost of living pressures with bit.leave
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    Be rewarded with more time off or more money, it's your choice
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    Track and manage your leave entitlements
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    Pay cycle and instant cash out options available
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    Get ahead of your day to day expenses with bit.leave

For 'as a service' providers

HR consultants, bookkeepers, accountants and payroll service providers use bit.leave to grow their business
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    Increase your service offering and client LTV
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    Automate employee benefits and excess leave management for your clients
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    Make money on every license you sell
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    Increase billable hours by doing the work that matters
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HR & Payroll Automation

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What is bit.leave? 

bit.leave is an internal company currency. It allows you to reward staff with more money or more time off. 

Is this just another platform for me to manage?

Thankfully no! Once you onboard your organisation it can run passively in the background with minimal human interaction. If you want more control over bit.leave you can set that during onboarding.

We send you monthly reports and you can use bit.leave only when you need to. Your employees will be able to access and manage their bit.leave without you having to lift a finger after you implement it.

What do you integrate with?

We integrate with your payroll system. By integrating this way we can work along side all HRIS software. Whether it's an off-the-shelf or custom payroll solution we can meet your needs.

Get in touch with the team to see when your integration comes online or to talk about a custom integration.

How do I use bit.leave? 

When you set up a bit.leave account you can assign a preset amount of bit.leave to each employee. They can then use it or cash it out in accordance with company policy and rules

What can I spend bit.leave on?

bit.leave is designed to give employees autonomy. They can choose to take time off or spend it in a way that is intrinsically rewarding to them or in alignment with their financial needs or goals.

You can manually approve each cash out if you would like to put structure around its use. 

How does my company benefit?

With rules based spending you can control how and when employees can access or use bit.leave.

For example, if they have excess annual leave you can set rules that encourage employees to use their excess leave first. This helps you manage leave and other balance sheet liabilities.

What is the ROI of bit.leave?

Depending on your company, the ROI will vary but here’s some of the areas bit.leave will help in your business:

- Reduction in excess leave liabilitiesTime in Lieu and RDO management
- Reduction of ineffective wellness spend/programs
- Reduction of recruitment costs as retention increases
- Reduction in insurance risk due to a reduced risk of burnout
- Process improvements in HR & payroll which could result in reduction in required headcount/FTE
- Improved brand and talent attraction 
- Simplification of complex benefits packages that barely anyone uses

Why use leave as a currency?

60% or more of employees simply want more money or more time off when it comes to helping with cost of living pressures.

Leave as a currency guarantees a 100% adoption rate across your organisation as it can be used by everyone.

Is it compliant for my industry and employee type?

bit.leave is compliant across all awards (even award free), enterprise agreements, locations and industries. 

Why is bit.leave better than other benefits?

The industry average for other benefits platforms or perks is less than 10%. They usually cater for only a small segment of your employee demographic.

bit.leave applies to everyone regardless of salary and life stage.

Can I use it along side other benefits?

Yes! Ideally bit.leave works best as a standalone benefits platform but we can work along side other company benefits. You can even add these benefits to bit.leave for everyone to be able to find easily! 

How does it work alongside other leave types?

bit.leave works alongside all other leave types. A unique benefit of bit.leave is that it is easily installed  alongside your current leave entitlements which means minimal disruptions and ease of use.

Do you help with onboarding, implementation and adoption?

Yes! Whether you’re large or small we can work with you to adopt bit.leave. From change management, communications to ongoing management.